NYS Child Performer Work Permit

If you are submitting your child to our firm, you should print the application for a 1 year New York State Child Performer Work Permit and mail it into the New York State Department of Labor. It must be renewed every six months. All children under the age of 18 cannot work without it. The application is available here. NOTE: We do not accept phone calls to follow up on submissions. If we are interested in setting up an appointment, our office will be contacting you. 


Ages 0 to 3
Email one photo (no larger than 2mb) in .jpg format to submit@thegumdropagency.com. Include the information below in the email and put 'Baby Submission' in the subject line. 

Or mail a snapshot with the following information on the back of the photo:

  • baby's name
  • date of birth
  • eye color
  • hair color
  • height
  • weight
  • clothing size
  • parent's name
  • home phone number
  • work phone number
  • cell phone number

Children and Young Adults

Ages 4 and up

Send us a picture, resume, and cover letter to submit@thegumdropagency.com. 

Note: Pictures, DVDs, & CDs will not be returned. Picture can be a regular snapshot, it does not need to be a professional headshot. If you have no resume, just tell us everything about you in a cover letter. Be sure to include all your contact information.

We also accept submissions via YouTube. E-mail your YouTube link to:

Please include your contact information.

Be creative and show your stuff! (commercial, monolouge, song, stand up comedy, home movies, dance, etc)

When e-mailing, only send one or two pictures, no more. No e-mails over 5 MB.